WashU Strap Adapter for 3D Printed Face Shield

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Model ID 3DPX-014017Category Labware & DevicesDevice Use General Equipment or AdapterKeyword(s) 3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE; Face shield adapterThe strap adapter converts the strap hooks on the back of a 3D printed protective face shield frame to slots. The hooks were originally designed to be used with an elastic strap with slits (i.e. “buttonhole” elastic). The adapter allows the tourniquet strap to be attached and adjusted to a comfortable size for each user without cutting slits in the strap. An existing strap with slits can also be used with the adapter and adjusted for comfort.3D Modeling/CAD Software Fusion 360 / SolidworksModel Origin Custom illustration/CADPrinter Technology/Material Material ExtrusionPrinter Make/Model Prusa i3 MK3SPrinter-specific Build Instructions Build file Binary Data WashU_SlotConversionThin_for_PrusaShield_0.3mm_PETG_MK3S_16m.gcodeSpecific material PETGNumber of prints per build 2Build time 16 min (thin)Build file Binary Data WashU_SlotConversion_for_PrusaShield_0.3mm_PETG_MK3S_18m.gcodeSpecific material PETGNumber of prints per build 2Build time 18 min (standard)Pre- and Postprocessing Instructions Slicer program and layer height will determine the thickness of the adapter. Do a test print to confirm thickness. Thickness will need to be adjusted based on shield material thickness.Attribution Instructions Designed by Charlotte Guertler and Ruth Okamoto for the WashU/BJC Covid-19 Maker Task Force (Affiliation: Spartan Light Metal Products Makerspace, Washington University in St. Louis)Reviewer Notes The following refers to: 3dpx-014017 The FDA has authorized production of shield strap adapter outside of the normal clearance pathway during the Covid-19 pandemic, based on Part 5, section D of the “Enforcement Policy for Face Masks and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff.”This shield strap adapter has undergone review in a clinical setting and is recommended when fabricated as instructed. RESOLVED: Dear Author,In order for us to move your submission to next approval stage we need to make sure you have printing instructions written out for users in order to be able to replicate your design properly. This is needed in addition to gcode you have already included in your submission. Please update and will be do final review.*This model sourced with permission from the NIH 3D Print Exchange*


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General Instructions application/pdf WashU Strap Adapter Information and Instructions for NIH 3D Print Exchange.pdf 347.83 KB
General Instructions application/pdf images.pdf 1.93 MB
STL File WashU_SlotConversion_for_PrusaShield_0.STL 570.00 KB
Blender-generated-x3d WashU_SlotConversion_for_PrusaShield_0.STL60c0dce36cdaf.x3d 370.07 KB


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