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*This model sourced with permission from the NIH 3D Print Exchange*Model ID 3DPX-013674Category Labware & DevicesDevice Use Safety and Personal Protective EquipmentKeyword(s) Face Mask near-N95 mask N95 Mask N95 Respirator Mask Case N95The HensNest v2 About the DesignThe HensNest was created to address some of the most pressing issues with current face mask hacks. It was inspired by both The NanoHack by Copper3D and the DIY Face Mask by Mark Fuller. The HensNest has a flexible printed hoop frame that conforms to the face without post-processing steps, like using a heat gun or applying a sealant. The filter surface area is very large, addressing issues with the breathability of hard-sided mask designs with small filter towers, like The NanoHack. The HensNest adds a tented structure to the design that keeps the filter surface away from the mouth and nose, which we learned from our clinical collaborators is critical for keeping the filter dry and functional during extensive use. Lastly, this design is mostly planar and is fast and cheap to print. If you have design improvement suggestions, please post to the comments section below. Release Notes for v2.0The v2.0 HensNest design is production ready and includes complete assembly instructions. We are continuing to make minor tweaks to the design and will update these release notes as we progress.1. DESIGN MODIFICATIONS: HensNest v2.0 features two important design improvements from v0, namely, (a) an interior retaining ring that secures the filter in place; and (b) ergonomic improvements to the lofted wireframe to fit more comfortably around the nose while holding the filter material further from the face.2. FILTER MATERIAL: We have been experimenting with several commonly available filter materials, and our current recommendation is to use one ply of a (clean!) furnace filter. We recommend higher performance filters like 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filters, which have an MPR rating of 1500. We are still in the process of respirator fit testing this design, and we will release these results as soon as they are available.3. SECUREMENT STRAPS: Current assembly instructions for HensNest v2.0 incorporate household rubber bands to secure the mask to the face. We present both a 4-point and 2-point securement option, with the 4-point being more strongly recommended. We recognize that comfort is a priority for longer duration use of the mask, and we are presently working on slight design modifications to improve the comfort of the securement straps. Release Notes for v1.0We released HensNest v1.0 to give the maker community a chance to further “hack” our improved wireframe design. We will continuously release design improvements and updates related to the wireframe design and all of the release notes listed below.1. ASSEMBLY: Assembly for The HensNest is similar to the DIY Face Mask by Mark Fuller and involves first securing the disposable filter within the wireframe. Rubber bands or elastic straps should be connected at the four tabs on the wireframe to create two continuous loops around the head, similar to a disposable N95 mask design. We will release detailed assembly instructions and an assembly video very shortly.2. STERILIZATION: The HensNest was designed with the intention of having a disposable filter (more on that in a sec) and a reusable wireframe. We recommend printing the wireframe in ABS to allow for both heavy disinfectant use and steam sterilization via hospital sterilizer or home dishwasher. If you’re printing in PLA/PETG, recognize that it will likely not be tolerant to steam sterilization but should not excessively degrade with bleach or alcohol disinfectants.3. FILTERS: Right now, we are experimenting with different filter types to achieve as close as possible to an N95 rating (knowing that we will not really achieve N95 rating). At present, we are testing vacuum cleaner bags, household heater air filters, and any other common filters we can get our hands on. We are fortunate to have an environmental safety and health officer at our institution who can run both qualitative and quantitative respirator fit tests. We will post these results as we get them. If you have suggestions for other filter types, please post to the comments section below. About the TeamThe HensNest is a collaborative project from the University of Delaware’s (UD), home of the Blue Hens. The design was conceived and early prototypes manufactured in The Design Studio , which is an undergraduate teaching and learning makerspace in the UD Department of Mechanical Engineering. The project is led by Mr. Whitney Sample, Co-Director of The Design Studio and an industrial designer by training. Whitney has extensive experience in medical device design, and he “hacked” the HensNest design over the course of several long days in the Studio. Design and CAD support for the project was provided by Design Studio teaching assistant Arnav Prasad, with logistical support from faculty members Prof. Jenni Buckley and Prof. Ajay Prasad. Extensive clinical consultation and inspiration was provided by Dr. Lisa Lattanza, Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Yale University and Co-Founder (with Prof. Buckley) of The Perry Initiative. The group would also like to thank Mike Gladle from UD environmental health and safety and all members of UD’s MakerNetwork and College of Engineering who helped with project logistics. LiabilityThe HensNest should be used only as a last resort when FDA-regulated masks are not available for home or medical use. At present, the HensNest has not been tested using either qualitative nor quantitative respirator fit tests. We will post these results as soon as they are available, along with our recommendations for filter materials. The HensNest design files and manufacturing notes are presented “as is” in a good faith effort by all parties to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you use, copy or share this Item, you agree to utilize these files for production of masks at your own risk and comply with any state and federal guidelines for use of these devices. You also agree that HensNest team members and their employer: (1) Disclaims any warranties related to fitness of use, non-infringement, or compliance with regulatory standards; and (2) Have no liability for any claims of any kind made by person, either as a result of use of or as related to the Item.3D Modeling/CAD Software SolidWorks 2019Printer Technology/Material Material ExtrusionPrinter Make/Model Stratasys F170Print Units inchesPrinter-specific Build Instructions Build file HensNest_v2_ONE_SET_WS_c.printSpecific material Stratasys ABS-M30Number of prints per build 2 parts per plateBuild time 1/2 hour per part, 90 minutes per buildReviewer Notes For documentation purposes, we cannot accept links to external websites for printing instructions, instructions for use, etc. Instructions need to be included as a PDF or as text on the NIH 3D Print Exchange website. - 05.01.20 This device is a general purpose face mask intended for use in the community and is not suitable for use by a healthcare professional or in a healthcare facility or environment, as described in FDA Guidance Enforcement Policy for Face Masks and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency, Section V B. This device has not been tested to assess the out-gassing limits of the material or their corresponding health effects.


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