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Model ID 3DPX-013934Category Labware & DevicesDevice Use Safety and Personal Protective EquipmentKeyword(s) 3D Printed Face Mask, Glove-made, sleeve, mask, PPE, facemask, halfmaskProtection halfmask originally designed as improvised PPE for 3D printing enthusiasts. Intended to replace regular surgical masks and respirators when these are unavailable or do not fit on tightly.The halfmask can be assembled from common, commercially distributed materials. Its basic parts are 3D-printable (via FDM and other standard technologies). A tight touch on the face and full sealing of the mask walls are ensured by a sleeve that is made of a disposable glove (latex or nitrile). Only the glove material is in contact with the face therefore it is safe to use all common 3D printing materials (PLA, ABS, PETG, …) regardless their aproval for skin contact.As custom-made hard plastic parts will never deliver the relaxed feeling and face adaptability of commercial soft plastic components, the utility value of our half mask closely relates to finding the right size. To satisfy the widest set of users, we designed multiple size variants including children’s options – a unique feature that exceeds commercially marketed products.Main features of BUTMASK-H2:Full sealing thanks to a convenient glove-made sleeve.Face skin contact only with the actual material of the disposable glove (Nitril or Latex) for improved safety.Sleeve-protected mask structure reducing external contamination of the mask body and easing cleaning and disinfection.Good face shape adaptability (multiple sizes); with some materials (e.g. PLA) it is posiible to thermally adjust mask width.A low cost solution made of materials that are quick and cheap to change/replace and disinfect.Multiple adult sizes available: XL, L, M, S.Children’s size options: XS, XXS.Indirect venting via lamellae to prevent particles and droplets from impinging directly on the filter’s material.Exhaled air is filtered (no expiratory valve).Favorable effective inner volume (rather small dead space).Detailed User and Assembly Manual available for download.To fabricate the halfmask, the following items are necessary:A 3D printer capable of delivering a product with the dimensions of 13 x 13 x 7 cm; most standard devices will meet the criterion.Printing material (filament); generally, the requirements are very minimal, and the user can employ PLA, ABS, PET, PET-G, ASA, CPE, or any relevant alternative.An highly elastic, disposable, L-sized glove; other sizes may find application too, although L embodies the ideal option. Nitril gloves are recommended thanks to their durability and overall strength; a latex sleeve is also convenient but offers less reliability and must not be used by persons allergic to the substance. Condoms are also usable if necessary.An improvised filtering insert having a square-shaped size of at least 70 x 70 mm (version featuring 85 x 85 mm will be released soon). Our preliminary tests show that a premium, high quality vacuum cleaner bag can function as a suitable improvised filtering medium. Strings, elastic rubber bands, or other material to form the headstraps.Two thin rubber ribbons (cut out from, for example, an inner tube for bicycle wheels).Optional: a self-adhesive rubber sealing band (such as D-profile elements).A pair of scissors.Mask shape adjustmentWith many printing materials there is a possibility to perform small shape corrections in order to achieve good fit. In general, only the width of the mask can be adapted successfully. Therefore since the beginning the mask must suit the user in length, i.e. choosing the right size for printing is essential.To adjust the shape (width), please follow the steps described in detail in the User and Assembly Manual.Update: Improved version where the filter area of the adult mask sizes is increased by almost 50% (from 70 x 70 mm to 85 x 85 mm) to reduce the pressure drop has been made available. Please, visit the project homepage (https://www.vutbr.cz/en/mask/), the latest files are in the Download section. Updated files with increased filter area for XL, L, M and S sizes have been uploaded here as a ZIP file only. Segmentation Software N/A3D Modeling/CAD Software Siemens NX12Model Origin Custom illustration/CADPrinter Technology/Material Material Extrusion Polylactic Acid (PLA)Printer Make/Model Prusa Mk3 Tevo Tornado ...Print Units mmScale At Given Print Units 1Printer-specific Build Instructions Specific material PLANumber of prints per build 1Build time 3 hours (Mask), 2 hours (Filter holder)Pre- and Postprocessing Instructions Use grindig paper to smoothen the printout surface if necessary.The manufactured half mask can be adjusted to a certain extent to suit the face, depending on the actual material of the product. When customizing the shape, please follow detailed instructions in the user and assembly manual provided.Attribution Instructions Brno University of TechnologyFaculty of Electrical Engineering and CommunicationDepartment of Control and Measurement Industrial Automation Group https://www.vutbr.cz/en/mask/


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STL File MaskFrameL_0.stl 10.13 MB
STL File HalfFaceMaskCover_V2.0.stl 6.24 MB
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