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Model ID 3DPX-013403Category Labware & DevicesDevice Use Safety and Personal Protective EquipmentKeyword(s) face shield, PPE, 3D Printed Face ShieldThis device is a general purpose face shield intended for use in the community and is not suitable for use by a healthcare professional or in a healthcare facility or environment, as described in FDA Guidance Enforcement Policy for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency. This device has not been tested to assess the out-gassing limits of the material or their corresponding health effects. Minimum Viable Product Face Shield: The goal is to fabricate and get as many Face Shields to hospitals as possible in the least amount of time while still achieving the intended function (Help block bulk aerosol particles from reaching the face). This is achieved two-fold; the face shield design was paired down and optimized as much as physically possible in order to minimize print time on FDM/PJP/FFF type printers, and the part is printed “stacked” to maximize print density in a 24 hour period. Readily available transparency/report cover film with a standard 3-hole punch pattern and rubber bands comprise the other components of the mask. With the included print stacking method, a single printer could produce 60+ frames per day. See the Supplemental Documentation section for the PDF Instructions File or all details are also available at the Link below: Software Any3D Modeling/CAD Software SolidworksModel Origin Custom illustration/CADPrinter Technology/Material Material Extrusion Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)Printer Make/Model Any FDM/PJP/FFF PrinterPrint Units mmScale At Given Print Units 1Printer-specific Build Instructions Number of prints per build 60Build time 23:20Pre- and Postprocessing Instructions Bill of Materials:[QTY 1] Printed Face Shield Frame (ABS, PLA, PET, etc)[QTY 1] Front Face Shield - Report Cover Film, US 3-hole punched[QTY 1] Top Shield - Simple cut and bent report cover film, US 3-hole punched. See printable template in source files zip. 3 top covers can be made from a single report cover sheet.[QTY 1] 7" x 1/8" non-latex rubber bandMaterial Sources and Stacking Print tips for Single or Dual extruders as well as assembly tips are listed here: Instructions Notes For documentation purposes, we cannot accept links to external websites for printing instructions, instructions for use, etc. Instructions need to be included as a PDF or as text on the NIH 3D Print Exchange website. - 04.30.20*These models sourced with permission from the NIH 3D Print Exchange*


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General Instructions application/pdf Top Cover Cut-Bend Lines Report Cover v1.1.PDF 9.21 KB
General Instructions application/pdf GRENG-MVP-Face-Shield-v1.1-Instructions-040120.pdf 1.92 MB
General Instructions application/pdf images.pdf 368.06 KB
Native CAD GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - 4x Stacked Layout_0.SLDASM 1.72 MB
Native CAD GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - Stacked_0.SLDPRT 5.16 MB
Native CAD GRENG MVP Face Shield v1_0.SLDPRT 383.61 KB
Native CAD GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - 4x Stacked Layout_0.x_b 2.60 MB
Native CAD GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - Stacked_0.x_b 2.58 MB
Native CAD GRENG MVP Face Shield v1_0.x_b 91.65 KB
STEP File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1_1.STEP 429.50 KB
STEP File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - Stacked_1.STEP 10.25 MB
STEP File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - 4x Stacked Layout_1.STEP 10.26 MB
STL File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1_0.STL 1.25 MB
Blender-generated-x3d GRENG MVP Face Shield v1_0.STL60bfd882ce8f2.x3d 855.04 KB
STL File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - 4x Stacked Layout.STL 87.49 MB
STL File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1 - Stacked.STL 21.87 MB
STL File GRENG MVP Face Shield v1.STL 1.25 MB


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