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Model ID 3DPX-014004Category Labware & DevicesDevice Use Safety and Personal Protective EquipmentKeyword(s) 3D print, Face, mask, PPE, FDM, filter, Respirator***Cap and gasket files updated on 4/30/2020***Optimized for FDM 3D Printing.Not really suitable for SLS, SLA or injection molding, due to varying wall thickness (0.85-1.2mm).The design can be optimized for SLS, SLA or Injection Molding upon request.5 SizesLarger filter area allows easier breathing and usage of denser or stackable filters.The smaller filter areas on other masks force each volume of breath through a small section of filter not designed to handle that amount of airflow. This reduces their efficacy. And constricts breathing.Screw on cap allows space for multiple stacking of filters and tight seal without any gaps.Curved facial edges make it more comfortable to wear for longer periods.Instructions:The wall thickness varies in order to maintain a horizontal constant of 3 print path shells/walls throughout.This improves the integrity of the mask body, reducing gaps, print time & weight.Almost the entire mask can be printed solid, just by increasing your wall/shell thickness to 5 or more. This will reduce any time for zigzag infill and keep smooth print paths which reduce vibration and gaps. For the single inner wall, you may need to adjust your print settings to allow for a smooth single extrusion.A mask with 2 shell walls is too fragile and leaves many gaps.70mm filter diameter is constant for all 5 mask sizes. Use 70mm gasket as template to easily trace out filter outlines before cutting.No support needed. All surfaces do not exceed 45 degrees, except for curved facial edges and strap holder arches. But because of the size and curved shape of facial edges and strap holder arches, they do not require support either.Organicly shaped strap loops keep print paths smoother and faster, reducing potential for gaps, vibration and material wastage on any corners.Glue, resin, paint, etc can be brushed onto the inside or outside of the mask to coat and seal off any visible and non-visible gaps.This also provides a smoother surface which is easier to clean & dis-infect after usage.If you want to print in a flexible filament, the star shaped filter grills may need to be thickened. Please contact us for this.Printer Technology/Material Material ExtrusionAttribution Instructions Alex from 3D Forms.co.za*This model sourced with permission from the NIH 3D Print Exchange*


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