America Makes

America Makes is the nation’s leading public-private partnership for additive manufacturing (AM) technology and education. America Makes members from industry, academia, government, and workforce economic development organizations, work together to accelerate the adoption of AM and the nation’s global manufacturing competitiveness. Founded in 2012 as the Department of Defense’s national manufacturing innovation institute for AM and first of the Manufacturing USA network, America Makes is based in Youngstown, Ohio and managed by the not-for-profit National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM). Visit americamakes.us to learn more.


Advanced Manufacturing Crisis Production Response (AMCPR) is an enduring, strategic infrastructure for additive manufacturing (AM) crisis response providing trusted access to capable supply chains and vetted designs, regulatory awareness, and workforce readiness.

The program's mission is to advance US manufacturing supply chain resiliency and responsiveness, while simultaneously preparing the nation for future and unknown crises.

Driven by the power of America Makes, AMCPR:

  • Demonstrates the strength of AM for crisis response
  • Connects needs with capabilities to address supply chain gaps, and designers with regulatory reviewers to ensure safety
  • Hosts a publicly accessible model repository and online portal - the AMCPR Exchange
  • Enables integrated design, production, and distribution processes
  • Mobilizes the United States AM community through a crisis response playbook and strategic roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is AMCPR?

AMCPR stands for Advanced Manufacturing Crisis Production Response. The mission of the AMCPR is to advance US manufacturing supply chain resiliency and responsiveness while simultaneously preparing the nation for future, and unknown, crises. The AMCPR creates a lasting strategic framework for AM crisis response capabilities by providing trusted access to capable supply chains and vetted designs, increasing regulatory awareness, and strengthening workforce readiness.

2. How does the AMCPR’s framework address supply chain shortages?

The framework focuses on three main areas that will help better position the advanced manufacturing community to solve supply chain crises in the future: 

  • Access to suppliers, designers, and vetted parts through the AMCPR Exchange to ensure quick deployment of resources to solve supply chain shortages 
  • Proactively addressing workforce readiness to ensure the future workforce is trained to respond in a time of crisis 
  • Regulatory awareness so designers and manufacturers understand the boundaries they need to operate within 
3. How does AMCPR extend beyond COVID-19 response?

While AMCPR uses the additive manufacturing industry’s COVID-19 response efforts as a proof of concept, the goal of AMCPR is to create a framework that can be applied across all advanced manufacturing sectors to solve supply chain gaps in a variety of potential crises and supply chain disruptions.

The AMCPR recently engaged America Makes members and AM ecosystem stakeholders to demonstrate the strength and end-to-end production capability of the AMCPR in seven hypothetical crisis scenarios of varying complexity. 

4. What is the AMCPR Exchange?

The AMCPR Exchange is an accessible, scalable digital model repository and platform designed to address current and future manufacturing supply chain crises. The AMCPR Exchange hosts strategic AM parts for rapid production, acts as a conduit to existing national repositories, and provides a platform for needs requesters to connect with capable designers and manufacturers during supply chain disruptions. 

5. Why execute test scenarios?

America Makes and AMCPR recently executed 7 hypothetical crisis scenarios to assess the capability of the AMCPR and AMCPR Exchange. These scenarios included diverse representatives from the AM Ecosystem and tested AMCPR program and Exchange processes including design generation, design review, supplier production, part review, and supplier distribution.

The purpose of scenario testing is to comprehensively and systematically assess AMCPR program processes and the AMCPR Exchange’s performance across several complex dimensions. The results of these scenario tests help to identify current capability gaps and inform the future Exchange enhancements. Future testing will evaluate the AMCPR against new challenges to expand preparedness to an even wider range of crisis situations. 

6. Why is America Makes managing the AMCPR Exchange?

As whole, the AMCPR will raise the awareness of the advanced manufacturing community’s capabilities and its potential as a solution. As the nation’s leading public-private partnership for additive manufacturing (AM) education and technology , America Makes is uniquely positioned to convene and coordinate the additive and advanced manufacturing community to respond to critical supply chain needs.

7. What does AMCPR mean for my company?

As whole, the AMCPR will raise the awareness of the advanced manufacturing community’s capabilities and its strength as a solution for supply chain shortages.

By participating in the AMCPR, you and your organization can:

  • Visibly demonstrate your additive manufacturing capabilities with respect to design, production, and delivery 
  • Substantively influence the development of a national crisis production response capability
  • Gain visibility as a leader in the advanced manufacturing ecosystem 
  • Capture shared investment by joining a community of action with cost share applied to America Makes membership 
8. How can my company get involved?
  • Visit the AMCPR Exchange to register your needs requests or design/manufacturing capabilities 
  • Contact America Makes at amcpr.info@americamakes.us to learn more about the program, express interest in participating, and with any further questions 
  • Follow America Makes on social media (@AmericaMakes) and look out for future webinars, workshops, and engagement opportunities advertised on the AMCPR website